At the Millow Group, we work with companies to unravel the

complexities of technology, cloud migration, optimise assets - 

quickly achieving your business outcomes; and we do this by working

with you - not for you.

With technology continually changing, the demands and expectations put upon us 

by our entrepreneur businesses can be hard to measure. There is the constant pressure 

to maintain systems, while staying fully aware of new innovation and developments that - if 

ignored - may give your competitors an edge.  If this sounds familiar, we understand – and we’re here to help!

Our on-the-job practical training and mentoring programmes

are designed with the busy IT person in mind.

Ready To Rise To The Next Level?

The Millow Group Can Help You

So Who Is This Course For?

IT specialists - based in fast-moving entrepreneurial 

companies where the demand to ‘keep up or get out’ 

dominates your market place. As the leader of your IT 

department, your CEO has entrusted the job of keeping 

the company at the cutting edge of development, to you. 

They expect servers to match the demand of all new 

marketing campaigns, and doesn’t understand product 

launch delays because of IT infrastructure issues.

You recognise the impact your skills and your ability to keep up have a direct impact the success of the company; and you are determined to keep up - not just for your company’s survival and growth, but also for your own. You take pride in your work and want to offer the best skills, be highly in demand and earn the biggest rewards.

The course is suitable for:

  • Programmer: You need to build automation into every level of your project, and recognise the importance of understanding the servers and infrastructure your programmes run on
  • Operations: An infrastructure engineer – moving from the world of hardware to virtual machines and cloud; you want to learn how to automate and build the delivery of servers, and automate software deployment. You will also get insights into how programs and apps are put together
  • IT Generalist: The course is also appropriate for IT people with                                                                 2+ years experience with a keen interest in DevOps and                                                                   Cloud Computing, looking to stay above the curve in their skill development.
Neil Millard

About Neil Millard

                                          I am the DevOps Helicopter guy. You may have seen me present a Puppet                                                     Camp in London. I am known as the helicopter guy because my slides are full of                                           helicopters to explain parts of the application and server deployment                                                             processes, and I also love to fly helicopters in my spare time! 

                                          I have built web applications for Gas Safe engineers and Axa Health Insurance.                                             Additionally, I have constructed and stabilised's Data                                             Warehouse environments; using Jenkins, Docker, Puppet and AWS.

We only have a few places available for our upcoming 

programme; taking you to the next level in your IT career.

The Problem

If you’ve been finding that your boss wants you to understand

DevOps skills or that the job markets are telling you that you need 

these latest skills, we can help you.

What is docker, terraform, ruby, puppet?  Which is better - 

CamelCase or snake_case?  As an expert DevOps guy, I can guide 

you through a programme of knowledge, and inform you what you 

need to know and where to hang out, to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies; improve your skills, get recognised and get paid more!

Our 5 key blocks contain modules relevant for where you are at and what you need to know.

  • Intro to DevOps: Covers a blend of foundation level networking, infrastructure, and programming concepts to ensure you have all the knowledge you need before moving up to the next block
  • Infrastructure for programmers: Server software tools and apps to enable you to understand infrastructure diagrams, from firewalls to storage

  • Programming for Infrastructure experts: Setting the stage for understanding programming, source control, languages and release jargon

  • Automation tools, workflows and other applications that DevOps engineers use every day to deliver great results, automatically

  • AWS and Cloud: An in-depth guide to AWS, Google Cloud and                                                                   API programming; the stuff that lays behind the friendly GUI or                                                               website.

Key Things Covered

If you're looking for a launchpad to take off from and constantly rise, the Millow Group is here to help you.  

Check-in to a first-class service and prepare to start your exciting journey!

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